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About Ancient Coins

Larissa of Thessaly

Ancient coins represent one of the most thrilling periods in history, and you lay claim to some of that glory when once you've acquired it. These coins have not only survived thousands of years, but they have survived with their superb details intact, allowing us to study them and dream. Where did the coin come from? When was it made? How did it get here? An ancient Alexander coin pendant, for example, is a study in art, history, and aesthetics - truly a timeless treasure. Hand-struck, each is an original, possessing its own variation in shape, size, design, and color.

Ancient Greek Coins

Greta Parker Greek coin pendants are made with coins that are among the rarest ever discovered, with some dating back more than 2,500 years. The term "ancient Greece" denotes a period in history that lasted about 900 years. Coins were introduced into its society around 690 BC, coinciding with the rise of the merchant class. Unlike today, when entire countries use the same money, ancient Greek coins represented individual cities, their patrons, and their economic power in a region of the world that was flourishing. From the Aegina "turtles" to the Athenian "owls," your purchase of these coins today continues that tradition of commerce, exchange, and assessed value.

Ancient Roman Coins

Ancient Rome was one of the history's mightiest empires, and Roman developments in art, literature, architecture, law, technology, and language continue to have a major influence on the world today. The coins that survive from that period help us relive the stories of emperors, powerful gods and goddesses, and uniquely Roman feats.

Roman emperor coins, with their many faces and symbols of power, will delight you every single time you find yourself glancing at them. It was common practice for a new emperor to commission coins with his own likeness; thus, there is a great variety of bronze and silver Roman coins representing emperors so powerful, their names and legends survive to this day.